COVID 19 - Corona Virus Statement

We have always taken hygiene and health risks seriously but given the changing situation regarding the coronavirus, we thought it might be helpful to make a formal statement about our courses and accommodation.

UPDATE 14/09/2021

POTTERY COURSES: In accordance with government regulations we arecurrently running all courses. . 

 All wheels are placed at least a metre apart, all windows and doors left open and at no time do students need to gather together, whilst we are also lucky enough to be able to offer the delicious two course in a totally socially distanced manner: potters only needing to sit with whoever they have come with, or by themselves. We can provide masks, although ask people to please bring thier own. Dave will be wearing full protective gear (visor and mask) and will have taken a rapid lateral flow covid test 12 hours before the course runs. We have proper hand washing, antibac and ultra clean toilet facilities. We will also be taking temperatures on the door.

ACCOMMODATION: Our accommodation units are all totally self contained with separate entrances and guests eat breakfast in their rooms. We deep clean the rooms between all guests according to all the government COVID health recommendations.

Please contact us if you have anyfurther queries.

We are constantly updating our procedures in accordance to government recommendations.

Thank you for your continued business and support at this difficult time.

Lucy Rogers.