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Raku Firing is an exciting process dating back thousands of years, once prized by the ancient Japanese emperors. It involves taking the pieces out of the kiln at 1000 C and burying them in a bed of sawdust.

What follows is a spectacular display of red hot pots, flames and smoke before the pots are finally quenched in water resulting in crackled glazes, lustrous and fiery iridescent effects (depending on the glaze).

This is a wonderful way to end the courses. The joy of raku firing is that you can do several firings in a day. It is all very exciting and as Dave used to specialize in Raku he is still very enthusiastic about it!

You will have made your pots for raku firing early on in the course, so by the penultimate day they will have been bisqued fired and you can decorate them ready for the big raku firing day. It promises to be a lot of fun!!

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